Where to get them

Would you believe that I have hundreds of coupons?

Bargains are to be found when you bring along a coupon!




Coupons.com– This database has so many manufacturers coupons to print. New coupons are added monthly.







Of course in this day and age you can purchase coupons online. I have yet to try this but some of my fellow couponistas use this method. You have to be sure that the savings you will score will be much higher than your cost of coupons! These sites are good when you need a serious stock up on an item!

Jacks Cards and Coupons– This is a local coupon clipping service from Lancaster, NY! You purchase quantities of coupons and they are delivered to your home!


Coupon Dede’s



Tops Bonusplus program allows you to add coupons directly to your card here. Than you  just purchase item swipe your Bonus card and they coupon is automatically deducted! They also have printable coupons on their website.

Keep an eye out in the weekly flyers for in store coupons.

Target has their store coupons on their website to print here and they also have manufacturers coupons on their site.


These little guys are something to keep your eyes open for. Here in Batavia I have really only seem them at Tops and Walmart.  Grab a few and not too many as to leave some for fellow shoppers. Most of the time you will hold on to this coupon to match with a sale. Of course if there is a sale on that current item use it right away!


You have probably come across an offer online to try something for free and passed it up for numerous reasons. Well, think again before clicking no thanks. Almost always samples come with a high value coupon for the product with much longer expiration dates! If you worried about your e-mail cluttering up with promos, create a separate email account just for your couponing!

( Seem like to much, remember you will save so much $) 



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