Tops Coupon Policy

Tops in Batavia is like my second home! I am there so much with my coupons!!


At  Tops you can use a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon on one item.  Tops has a Bonuscard program that you must sign up for to get items on sale.


  • Tops will double a manufactures value up to $.99. This is why $.75/1 coupons are great at Tops. There is no minimum spend required.
  • On Buy one Get one Free items, you can not use a coupon on the “free” item.
  • They have click to card coupons. These are e- coupons that are loaded directly to your Tops Bonusplus card. You can access the coupons here. These coupons are manufactures coupons.
  • There are also e-bonus saver coupons that are a Tops store coupon, ( access those here) which means you can use them with a manufactures coupon! This is called a coupon stack!
  • Gas Savings!
  • Tops gives you one point for every dollar you spend towards a gas discount. For every 100 points you earn you get $.10 off per gallon. For every manufactures coupon you use you get 10 extra points, with a maximum of 10 coupons per transaction                       So if you use 10 manufactures coupons you will receive $.10 off per gallon of gas at Tops. You can do two separate transactions if you have more than 10 coupons and want your gas points!

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