Couponing 101


New to couponing?

Here are some things you must know to really maximize your savings!

1. Only buy an item when it is on sale.

2. Pair a coupon with an item that is on sale for an awesome discount!

3. Plan Ahead.

Meal plan and make your meals around what is on sale or items you already have! ( I used to pick out menus out of my Rachel Ray cookbook and write down all the ingredients and head to the store. I never once looked at the Tops Ad or thought about what was on sale. I did try to pick the cheapest item but boy was I throwing my money away!)

4. Stockpile.

This starts when you see an amazing deal! So let’s say your favorite name brand mayonnaise is on sale for $.99/bottle the bigger bottle in fact! That is a good deal. So you want to get your hands on as many coupons to get you as many jars as possible. (Remember you can only print a coupon online 2x per computer!) So ask friends, neighbors, family, if it is something they won’t be using. So instead of buying just one jar of mayonnaise you will defiantly buy two and try to get your hands on a couple more coupons.

5. Get to know your every day prices on items.

Good news with this, my fancy degree in Journalism has allowed my natural desire to research research and research so I can let you know that $2.55 is the best price for a gallon of milk and where to get it. I’ll take the stress out of trying to figure out what is the best price for butter etc.!

6. Use your resources.

 Visit me and many other couponing sites to get the best deal ALWAYS! Our local paper (The Daily News) is the best deal to buy Sunday coupon inserts.  So support your local paper and save money on coupons! Our Pennysaver is another great tool to find those coupons for our small businesses!  And if you are feeling overwhelmed or just not sure, leave a comment!

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