Farm Life Vlog: Surviving 70MPH Winds, Snow & More

Hey friends! If you missed the first announcement a few weeks ago my husband and I decided to start a VLOG. We wanted to share our process of building a barn and starting our backyard farm. Every time I upload a new video I am sharing it here on the blog. I know many of you from this site follow the other site as well.

If you are on the email list( if not sign up below) I shared our car story from our trip down to North Carolina for Spring break and well this video below is kind of what my husband was up to while we were gone! Don’t forget to check out the other videos we did here and see the progress.


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Week 2:

With Windstorms, snow storms and freezing rain storms, we are so ready for the 60-degree weather, even though I know many of us would be happy with 50-degrees and sunny.

My husband was alone last week while the girls and I drove on down to North Carolina with my brother Taylor- who helps me blog on my other website here.

Check out the progress he made and the cool shots he got of the windstorm, snow and beautiful clouds.

He also had his dad come to help him for a day and the progress they made on the roof is awesome.

( If you missed our first post announcing our new journey of Vlogging our Farm Life go here.)

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