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365 Texts to Send Your Spouse- Keep that Romance Alive!

Marriage. It is work right?!

We all know how quickly and easily we can get distracted by our electronic devices! With constant emails, Facebook updates, Instagram pics…the flow of information is never ending. It can be a real addiction if you let it become one!

Not to mention, it can be bad news for your marriage, too. All of the distractions that come along with your smartphone can cause a serious decrease in communication!

But who says that has to be true?

The Dating Divas recently released a fun new pack that I think is pretty cool! It combines your smartphone capabilities with – that’s right – strengthening your marriage!

They’ve written up 365 done-for-you texts that fit into a fun variety of categories; funny, hot, creative, showing gratitude, you name it. The text message ideas are listed all in a nice little “printable pack” and presented (in typical Diva style), in a really cute way. Although, you certainly wouldn’t need to print it; you could just pull it up on your computer every day, and then text your one-and-only a fresh, fun, and sure-to-make-them-smile message.

Some of them really are clever!

Here’s a full list as to what the pack includes:

  • Flirty Texts
  • “Missing You” Texts
  • Texts of Encouragement
  • Texts That Share Favorite Memories
  • Texts to Say “I Love You”
  • Sweet and Romantic Texts
  • Texts to Show Gratitude
  • Silly Texts
  • Words of Affirmation Texts
  • Famous Love Quotes Texts
  • Sexy and Suggestive Texts
  • Texting Tasks

In additional to the actual love text messages, the pack also includes:

  • Text Messaging Tips
  • Bonus Ideas

You know, something as simple as a few sweet texts really can make a difference in a marriage. If you don’t believe me, you really just need to check out this cute little pack for yourself!

Grab Yours Here. 

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