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My Organic $112 Grocery Trip and Weekly Menu Plan

This weekend we watched a documentary called ” Farmageddon.”  We have watched a few different documentaries on our food in the U.S.  In College I took a Food & Nutrition Class, it changed my life. Not only was it one of my hardest classes it was an eye opener.

In College I loved the $1  Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes frozen meal at Aldi’s. I don’t think they carry it anymore. My professor asked us to pick out a T.V. dinner like that and recreate it at home. Bring in our recipes and compare the ingredients. It was shocking. I could make things myself without all the things  I couldn’t pronounce. This was back in 2009. I believe that more people are asking themselves the same question. Why is this in my food?

My husband has Type 1 Diabetes. This is a big reason why I  cut back on our processed foods. Convenience now screams at me with having a family of four to feed.  Oh how bad could it  be? That’s what I ask myself often.

My generation has information overload. We wonder about something and we can access the information in an instant. Many times I  get information overload with food choices.

So I give my worries to God and then make the changes that we are able to right now in this moment. This is tough especially doing the deals on Food that is so cheap. Like the Hamburger Helper this  week at Tops. It’s so cheap, but turn it over look at those ingredients? You could make that same dish at home here even.

We are starting a new adventure this week. We are building a chicken coop. We attempted one last year and got lazy and made it into a sandbox instead.

So I wrestle with today how much processed food is ok? Is all processed food bad? What are your thoughts? Share them with us below!

And it’s my almost all Organic/Natural items. Google doesn’t like your titles too long. 

I am sure you are! Let’s get to it!

Bjs weekly grocery shopping trip

BJ’s Wholesale Club Grocery Shopping Trip:

Wellsley Farms All Natural Farmers Garden mix 2.5 lbs- $6.99

Used a $1.50/1 BJs coupon


Wellsley Farms Organic Sweet Corn 4 lbs.- $6.49

Applegate Turkey 14 oz. $7.99

Applegate Uncured Ham 14 oz. $7.99


Ground Flaxseed NON GMO 4 lbs. $6.99

There is a clipless coupon for $2 off


Earth’s Pride all natural Trail Mix 1.75 lbs. $9.99

I love this one because it has dark chocolate in it and the ingredients are minimal compared to the BJ’s brand one.


Kashi Organic Granola Bars 24 ct. $9.99

I like to buy this one with a coupon too but my husband always has these on him at work in case of a low blood sugar so I splurged getting organic. 


Wyman’s All Natural Kale and Berries Blend 3 lbs. $8.49 ( I usually try to make this last until BJ’s store coupon came out but we did lots of smoothies and my daughter loves the cherries just frozen!


Alexia Non GMO Fries 4 lb. bag $7.99

Clipless coupon for $2 off


Wellsley Farms Cashews 38 oz. $11.99


Choboni Greek Yogurt 38 oz. $5.19


King Arthur Flour 10 lbs. $6.99


Healthy Helpings all natural animal crackers 2 lbs. 13 oz. $4.99


12 pk. Freshly Baked Crossiants $5.99

Had a $1 off BJs coupon


Final Price: $101.56- WHOA! I don’t see this price this high often!

But these items will last more than a week!

Than we headed over to Tops.

tops shopping trip for the week


 My Tops Markets Grocery Shopping Trip:

1 bunch of Bananas- $1.27

Redeem $0.25/1 Bananas Checkout 51 app


2 Scott Natural Wipes- $1.67

Use the $0.75/2 printable coupon doubled here 


2- Betty Crocker Cake Mix $2

 I usually never buy this. I bought it for my daughter’s 4th birthday it was SOO good and my husband’s birthday is coming up. I know the ingredients are not great…one of those moments when I struggle with how bad is it?

Used the $0.75/2 printable coupon doubled here


2 Cheez-Its $6

Use two $0.70/1 printable coupons doubled here

Receive a free can of pringles when you buy two Cheez-its. – We haven’t had pringles in years… so is eating all this processed food ok sometimes? I don’t know yet on this journey of ours! 

2 Foxy Romaine Hearts B1G1 $3.99

Final Price: $10.80

OUR TOTAL SPENT THIS WEEK: $112.36- But Last week were were under budget by $30. This week I am over but these items will last us a couple weeks. So I’m right on Target when I figure that I want to spend $260 a month on groceries.


Here’s our meal menu choices:





bananas with peanut butter

whole wheat pancakes



Meat sandwiches



whatever snacks are in the cupboard.



Romaine Salads with Chicken Strips

Venison & Pulled Pork Sandwiches ( This is leftover in freezer) with a frozen veggies

Pasta Primavera

Venison Burgers and Fries

Barley Veggie Soup with Homemade sourdough bread

Tomato Basil Quiche.

Is all processed food bad? What are your thoughts? How do you afford organic items for your family?
Share them with us below!


  1. Great list. It’s so hard to stay away from processed foods sometimes, especially when you are a busy mom. Now that my son is in school and having to pack his lunch everyday, I try to look for more organic natural prepackaged snacks for him. It can get quite expensive. Thanks for linking up to #ConfessionsLinkUp

    1. I’m glad to know I am not alone in the struggle. It’s such a bummer that the food that is the best for us is so expensive! Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  2. I find it so hard to minimize processed food with three kids, but I do try to make healthier choices. For example, I get fruit bars from Trader Joe’s rather than Nurtrigrain because the ingedients are better and my kids like them better. I also try to get things with whole wheat rather than bleached or even unbleached white flour. I am an avid coupon cutter, so it’s hard to avoid some things when they are such a good deal, but I’m getting better. Thanks for sharing your list and meals!

  3. We avoid a lot of processed food due to allergies, but by doing so we’ve also cut down our grocery bill a lot. I shop at Costco for certain things and buy big bags of quinoa, rice, and some of my canned goods (pay attention to prices as they aren’t all cheaper) there and then just get my fresh veggies somewhere else most of the time.

  4. I wish I could follow your tips on which to buy in the grocery stores in the other side of the world (well–for me!) but I’m glad you’re able to encourage American women to live frugally! <3

  5. I try to avoid as much processed food as possible. It”s getting to the point where I just don’t trust food these days.

    You did great with your shopping. I spend way too much every week.

  6. I find it easier to stay on track in the summer when I can get local produce from friends and farmers. I make jelly so I’m able to do a little trading sometimes too.
    It is hard though. Staying healthy on a tight budget is so difficult. Is all processed food bad? This is what I’ve come to. I work with a local food bank that is very important to me. In order to meet the needs of the community they must purchase at as low a price as they can, which means there is an awful lot of processed food. When you are feeding hungry mouths, whether your own or someone elses, you have to do the best you can. Keeping hunger, true hunger, at bay can be a kindness. It doesn’t change what happens to the body, but it does affect the heart. When it’s abused it’s another whole problem.

    1. Love your response. Yes many times when I have struggled with the processed snacks for example I think, look at us able to buy food like this and never feel truly hungry. Thanks so much for sharing! Love feeling that I’m not alone in the struggle! Summer is much better here too for the farmer’s market!

  7. I think that is a common struggle for most families, trying to find the balance. I, myself, am not an organic nut, but I do try my best to limit the amount of processed foods I buy. It’s really hard though when my family gripes that they want junk food. I tell them that I’m sorry we don’t have any junk food, they can either eat an apple for a snack or do some extra chores to earn some money and I’ll take them to buy cheetos or whatever. that usually stops the griping. lol.

    1. Oh I like that about doing the chores! It is usually my husband who will make a little joke about oh I wish we had Cheese Puffs! Now how to get him to do extra chores?! It is a struggle!

  8. Wow, that’s amazing how you got it down so low! We try to buy natural, but we have to compromise on some things. We’re a family of seven, soon to be eight, so it adds up so quick!
    Great post though post, and I’m pinning it 🙂
    I’m inspired!!

    1. Thanks Rach! Congratulations on the baby on the way! That is awesome you have a large family! But I can just imagine the budget 🙂

  9. Ah… I struggle with those choices all the time!! I try my best to balance the easy processed foods with the good stuff! Love that you can shop and save so well, Tasia!! And I also love that you turned your attempted Chicken coup into a sandbox. LOL

  10. Goodness it is hard to shop for the whole and healthy stuff and stay on budget! At least for me! I try to eat a mostly whole diet but there are for sure areas where we aren’t perfect and still have treats, etc. I think if the majority of the time the majority of your diet is coming from “the good stuff” than you have to trust it will all balance out.

    1. It really is. That is how I have been looking at it too Kate, if most of what we are eating is healthy than it is ok to throw in some unhealthy?! All about finding balance. So important in so many aspects of life!

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